What’s The FapLess™ 7 Months Program?

The FapLess™ 7 Months Program 

The FapLess™ 7 Months program is a 7 stage/month commitment to semen retention. During this time, it’s highly recommended that you have no Conscious Releases (exceptions exist, see Rules of Releases) and absolutely no viewing of pornographic materials. 

Objective : The purpose of this program is to reset and purify your sexual self. To get back to a humbled state of sexual neutrality. You’ll develop sexual discipline, and will no longer rely on porn or daily masturbation.

By the end of the program, you’ll feel more sexually confident and in control. You’ll have a better understanding of yourself, and what’s needed to live the life you truly desire. 

You may choose to reward yourself with a vacation, or anything to celebrate this achievement.

Rules : There is a Start Date and a Finishing Date (7 months from Start Date). The Extended Date is the updated Finishing Date (if Releases occur). 

*Extended Date must not extend past 1 year of Start Date. If so, you must restart the program.

Rules of Releases : 

1 Release per Stage – adds 1 week to Finishing Date

2 Releases per Stage – adds 2 weeks to Finishing Date

3 Releases per Stage –  Not Allowed, you must restart Stage. Add 30 days to Extended Date.

*Conscious Releases never include the use of porn. Unconscious Releases (night dreams) do not count.

Start Date :

Finishing Date :

Extended Date :